On the Spotlight: Rhiannon

On the Spotlight: Rhiannon

Hey there beauty lovers! We are super excited for this edition of Creators of the Month since International Women's Day is just around the corner. We want to make this month all about us girlies and talk about how we can continue to grow, empower each other and just be women: in all the different ways that can be possible! This month we caught up with Rhiannon aka @shortanddewy on Instagram, who has us feeling all sorts of inspired through her answers and insight. Check out her interview below and don't miss her beautiful & glowy looks!

KS: Hi Rhiannon, can you give us an introduction to who you are on and off socials?
Rhiannon: Hi Kiss & Smink! My name is Rhiannon also known as “Shortanddewy” on instagram, located in Toronto, Ontario Canada! I am a lover of all things beauty and self care and love to showcase different brands on my platform. Off my socials I am a cat mom of two, an outdoors lover and self care advocate! I try to let who I am off social media still reflect through my work so people can connect with me on a personal level, you’ll catch me posting animal and nature videos on my stories all the time! 
Rhiannon wears shade Sardinia all over cheeks

KS: International Women's Day is right around the corner and here at Kiss & Smink we are all about girl power and paying tribute to the women who inspire us. Who are some women who have inspired your style as a creator and beauty enthusiast? 

Rhiannon: I love this question! This is easy for me, my mother and grandmother were the biggest influences in my life when it came to beauty and self care. I was always told to wear sunscreen and take care of my delicate skin, my mother loved to take me out to get my self some makeup or skincare and showed me how to apply it and it made me feel amazing! My grandmother's staple self care practice was taking a long, hot bath, taking that time for yourself to unwind and relax! Those are both practices that I take with me and use daily and am truly thankful to have women in my life who showed me the importance of self care!

Rhiannon's picks: Split for a flushed look and Sardinia for a natural bronze feel.

KS: How does beauty and makeup empower you and help you face the world?

Rhiannon: I believe that skin care and makeup help me feel my best because it's truly an act of self care, when you take care of yourself and treat your body with respect it helps you to feel like you can take on anything! A big bold lip and dewy skin makes me feel confident inside and out and is my go to when I want to feel my best. When I have those days where I feel down or my mental health is not at its best , taking that time to do that extra something for yourself like putting on some makeup, doing your hair or a little skin pampering can make the world of a difference!

Rhiannon's picks for the lips: Tulum Créme Crayon and Tavarua Créme Crayon.

KS: The phrase "Like a Girl" has had some negative connotations over time, so we want to change the way we think about it. What are some things that you are proud of doing "Like a Girl"?

Rhiannon: I think one of my favorite things about being a girl/woman in today's society is the ability to have endless support from other women in my life! I feel it’s stronger than ever, women lift other women up and it’s a beautiful and empowering thing! There is a more prominent feeling of love and support for women in today's society then there was before and its something I am very proud to be apart of!

Our classic Créme Crayon shade: Tulum gives you a "your-lips-but-better" finish.

KS: How do you think women can build each other up and inspire one another through beauty and makeup? 

Rhiannon: I think self expression and confidence can truly be shown through our own creativity through beauty and makeup! Whether you love to be bold and let that show through your makeup and clothing or maybe you're a more relaxed , no makeup girl, there's room for everyone in this community! Encouraging each other to express who we are through beauty and makeup is an amazing form of empowerment that we can all see more of! 
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