On the Spotlight: Daniela Sablon - Our February 2021 Creator

January was a hectic month for us, delivering the last orders from the holiday craze, dealing with postal office delays, and generally wrapping our heads around the fact that 2020 is over (finally!) but a new year comes and things are still far from normal. We are left wondering when we’ll be able to travel or be able to flaunt around the streets showing off our favourite lipstick. All is not lost for many reasons but, for us at least, the February edition of our Creators of the Month project arrives to save the day. Distracting us from the questions that no one seems to be able to answer with elegant fashion photography and a minimal and chic aesthetic by Daniela Sablon (@danielaasab). Her timeless style and feminine vibe is a sure-way to get you into a positive headspace and wanting to up your fashion game even if it’s just to stay home.

We caught up with Daniela and she played with some of our products, creating some beautiful looks that are easy to recreate.

---------- A conversation with Daniela Sablon ----------

KS: Excited to connect, tell us a bit about you.
Daniela: I am a 22 year old first year special education teacher and graduate student! But among all of that, I am also obsessed with sharing my journey with beauty and fashion online with my followers. I love talking to them and sharing my favorite products or pieces. As you can tell, I love helping others in my career but I also make it a hobby of mine to do the same on my social media pages to help others feel confident and find their voice through their style.

Daniela wearing Amalfi on lips and Tulum on cheeks

KS: What started your journey in the beauty world?
Daniela: In college I had no knowledge about makeup or what the right products were, then I began to focus on skincare and was determined to include more simple products in my daily makeup routine. I became obsessed with how much fun one can have playing around with different tools and products. I always used YouTube as a guide and that is what I want my page to be for others.

KS: What inspires you to create?
Daniela: My biggest inspirations revolve around expression and being true to my own identity. Everyone has their own unique way of displaying their style and beauty products are just another aspect of that as well! Walks in NYC will inspire me or people watching at Bryant Park, you get to really learn about another individual by their makeup style too, because its a form of expression.

Daniela received our creme Crayons in Tavarua, Corsica and Amalfi and our The Everything sticks in Tulum and Sardinia

KS: Last year was hard, how did you stay positive?
Daniela: I stay positive by journaling and making lists of what I'm grateful for and some aspirations! These keep me motivated and meditation helps too :)

Daniela wearing Amalfi on lips and Tulum on cheeks

KS: What does makeup/beauty mean to you?
Daniela: One word, EXPRESSION! Makeup is another language and form of showing off your true sense of self to me.

Our products looking good in Daniela's vanity 

KS: What's one of your biggest goals for 2021?
Daniela: For 2021 I would really love to become more consistent in my journaling/manifestation routines and branching out to explore different makeup techniques without fear!

Thanks for tuning in,
Team KS
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