On the Spotlight: Our December Creators

We’re excited to share with you our second edition of our Creator Spotlight of the Month project. For the December edition, we got to catch up with two incredibly inspiring women, Ellen Comitas (@ellencomitas) and Mariam Hashmi (@mariamxocean).

Ellen’s minimal but edgy fashion looks and the use of light and shadow in her pictures create a dreamy aesthetic that’s chic and elevated. Mariam’s words really resonated with our brand values of increasing positivity by staying present and having a routine that helps us stay grounded throughout the day, helping us find the beauty that’s all around us.

These two creators’ unique views of beauty and their fresh take on content creation, will you keep you coming back for more over and over. Read along to learn more about them and to see how they wear their favourite Kiss & Smink products.


Ellen Comitas

Ellen wears Santorini as blush, Maldives as highlighter and Tavarua on lips.

KS: Who are you? Share a little bit about yourself!
Ellen: I am a NYC based PR coordinator, influencer and content creator. I am passionate about fashion and beauty, and Instagram is an outlet I use to share my outfits, beauty tips and lifestyle. 

KS: What started your journey in the beauty world?
Ellen: When I was in high school I started watching Youtube makeup tutorials to learn how to do a simple natural makeup look. It took me a few years but I slowly learned what works for me and I created the routine that I use up until this day. 

KS: What inspires you to create?
Ellen: I draw inspiration from dreams, stories, music, art, books, history, movies, influential icons, different decades, etc. Sometimes you need to take a moment to stop and observe. Inspiration lives all around us.

ellen comitas for kiss and smink wearing santorini maldives and tavarua

KS: How do you stay positive?
Ellen: This is something I work on everyday, and it’s not always easy. To stay positive, I like to do little things that make me happy like read a book, listen to music, watch my favorite movie, write in my journal, etc. 

KS: What does makeup/beauty mean to you?
Ellen: Makeup makes me feel confident. I could be having the worst day but once I throw my makeup on it really makes me feel beautiful and powerful, and turns my mood around. 

KS: What's one of your biggest goals?
Ellen: Aside from being successful in my career, my biggest goals in life are to travel, have good times and memories with family and friends, and to be endlessly happy. 


Mariam Hashmi

Mariam mixes Marietas and Martinique on lips. 

KS: Who are you? Share a little bit about yourself!
Mariam: I am an author, digital curator, and grad student.

KS: What inspires you to create?
Mariam: I enjoy finding the beauty in little things and eternalizing it in different mediums, whether that's photography, painting, or writing; growing with others and sharing my inspirations and ideas with the world encourages me to create.

KS: How do you stay positive?
Mariam: I do my best to ground myself. Stay in the now, feel the world around you, understand where you are in this moment in life, and be grateful and proud of yourself for just being.

Mariam wears Martinique on lips and Sardinia and cheeks. 

KS: What does makeup/beauty mean to you?
Mariam: To me, makeup and beauty are just emphasizing what's already beautiful about yourself and in your heart. It's about being confident with or without it and taking care of yourself mentally :) 

We hope you enjoyed learning about this month's creators! We loved working with them and seeing them rock our products was dreamy. Don't forget to follow them for more, you won't regret it.

See you next month, 
Team KS
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