On the Spotlight: Natalie Ruiz

On the Spotlight: Natalie Ruiz

Welcome back to our April 2023 edition of Creators of the Month! We love spring because it's a time where we feel like we all bloom alongside nature. The weather is warmer, the skies are bluer, and our surroundings are generally more colorful and fragrant. This month we are gathering our inspirations from flowers, their softness and colors... and to give us a super warm welcome into April we have Natalie Ruiz aka @style.fashion.nat Don't skip her interview where she gives us some really good tips for finding out truth and path and spills some beauty secrets as well!



Nat wears her Créme Crayons in shade Tulum & Tavarua

KS: Hi Nat, please give us an intro into who you are as a creator/person in real life:

Nat: Hey, my name is Natalie and I am someone who finds joy in creating
content as a creator and remembers to have fun with the creation
process. I realized that at the end of the day being who you are and
expressing your true personality really does inspire a community.
Makeup and fashion is my passion and honestly, I wake up every day
with pure joy knowing my career revolves around these.

Nat wears The Everything in shade Santorini on cheeks and Créme Crayon in shade Tavarua as lip liner.

KS: We are all about getting inspired from flowers & nature. What is
your go to spring look at the moment?
Nat: I am super inspired by pastels during the spring season at the moment creating eyeshadow looks that are different pastel colors is a vibe
for this season and of course making the skin look soft and blushy!!

Nat wears The Everything in shade Santorini

KS: Which of your K&S goodies will bring you out of your cocoon the
most this month?

Nat: I can honestly say the Coral cream blush stick in Santorini + the Créme Crayon in Tavarua will bring me out of my cocoon, they're honestly
so stunning and the perfect pair for the spring.

Nat wears The Everything in shade Sardinia and her Créme Crayon in shade Tulum

What would you say to young girls out there that are still blooming
into themselves?
Nat: personally wished I heard when I was blooming that “it's okay if you
are still figuring it out your plan will align for you eventually."
Don’t let outsiders discourage who you want to be in life, remember
it's your life, you are the one living and you can choose who you want to be.
Don’t be scared to take the next step, sometimes we need that slight
push to really help us take it, so let this be a sign for you to
take that step in the career path you want.

Nat wears her Créme crayon in shade Tavarua

KS: If you were represented by a bouquet, which three flowers would we
see and why?
Nat: The three flowers I would choose are dandelion, eucalyptus, and daisy. Dandelions represent growth and strength. Eucalyptus represent truth,
beauty, and protection. Daisies represent purity, new beginnings,
innocence, and joy. These three flowers are what I can say will
represent me because of how significant they are to me.
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