On the Spotlight: Lindsay Turley

On the Spotlight: Lindsay Turley

Welcome back beauty lovers! We have been feeling so inspired by beauty and makeup that we thought to ourselves: Makeup could definitely be an art form, right? A face is sort of like a canvas and makeup is the paint that goes on. Makeup allows us to play, experiment with our looks, create, and even inspire others to do the same. So for this month's edition of Creator of the Month we caught up with @linz.panz and chatted about her own take on makeup as an art form, a way to express herself and where she finds inspiration to create!

------------Our chat with Lindsay------------

For this rosy look Linz wears Santorini on both cheeks and lips.

KS: Hi Linz! Can you tell us a bit about yourself?
Lindsay: Hi! I'm Lindsay. I am a human and dog mom, a wife, and a full time UI/UX cloud-native application design manager. I'm also an avid makeup lover and wearer, and have been documenting my curated collection on Instagram @linz.panz for the past two and a half years. While in the depths of watching the beauty community on YouTube (my ultimate guilty pleasure), I stumbled across the world of "panning" makeup (using makeup until you hit the pan or use it up entirely) and have been hooked ever since. Finding joy in what we already own, avoiding over-consumerism, and understanding the ethics, inclusivity, and ingredients behind the brands we put our hard-earned money towards truly intrigues me. 

Linz wears her Créme crayon in shade Tavarua on lips and The Everything in shade Sardinia as bronzer.

KS: How has your makeup style evolved since you first started posting content?
Lindsay: My makeup style has evolved tremendously. Don't get me wrong, I am still very much a beginner and my looks lean simple most days. However I'm wearing color in a way that I never was confident enough to do in my twenties. Playing with makeup during the pandemic taught me so much about bold colors and how to apply them. Now I find myself at my local brewery with bright blue shimmering eyes and my Tavarua Créme Crayon and I am not nervous to rock it at all. It's great! I hope I inspire others to feel comfortable wearing the colors and makeup they always desired to wear themselves.

Linz's picks for The Everything: Santorini and Sardinia

KS: Do you think art and makeup are related? How?
Yes! Makeup is a true art-form, and I have huge respect for makeup artists all over the world and how they've shaped the industry. Doesn't matter if it's on your screen, on paper, on walls, or on your body. Makeup (and art) are part of how we express our thoughts, feelings, and opinions no matter how skilled we are. As someone with a creative background and a decade-long career in design, I find that makeup is there when I need a creative outlet or when I want to portray myself in a certain way that I feel personally inside. It is very powerful and I love that! 

Linz wears her Créme Crayon in Corsica on the lips and The Everything in Santorini on cheeks.

KS: Where do you find inspiration for the looks you create?
Lindsay: I can always count on my walks outside to help me find the beauty of mixing unexpected colors or reminding me of colors that I've neglected. There's also the creative vortex of social media artists to inspire me to mix, layer and apply products in new ways. As part of the panning community, I've also been inspired by the ways you can challenge and push yourself with makeup you already own. For example, I will randomly pick 5 numbers (using a random number generator of all of my eyeshadows on a spreadsheet) and see if I can come up with a look. *Inspired by Alexandra Sjosten on YouTube

For this soft glam Linz used The Everything in Sardinia as blush and Corsica on the lips.

KS: Which of your K&S goodies is your favorite and why?
Lindsay: I love The Everything Cream Stick! Such a versatile product in wearable but unique shades. I have the coral shade Santorini which I use as blush and on the lips, and the shade Santorini which is a gorgeous red-based glowy bronzer on my pale skin OR as a brown blush for those trendy nineties looks! The packaging is so simple, sturdy and minimal too.

That is all for now beauty lovers!
We hope you loved getting to know Lindsay as much as we did, go follow her you won't regret it! We will see you on our next edition of Creator of the Month.

-K&S Team

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