On the Spotlight: Kathy Kho - Our March 2022 Creator of the Month

On the Spotlight: Kathy Kho - Our March 2022 Creator of the Month

Hello beauties! This month is all about female power and finding positivity in the experience that is being a woman in this world. We love seeing women thrive, succeed and doing the things they love most. We believe that there's beauty in feeling powerful which is one of the reasons why each month we highlight a creator that we believe is amazing within the beauty community but also as a person; this month our very special guest is @kathykhobeauty


Kathy wears her Créme Crayon in shade Formentera

KS: Hi Kathy! Can you tell us about yourself?

Kathy: Hey! I'm Kathy Kho of @kathykhobeauty. I'm originally from the Bay Area in California. I made my way to New York City to get a B.S. and M.S. in Speech Pathology. A year into the pandemic, I made the life-changing decision to quit my full-time job as a speech pathologist and become a full-time freelance makeup artist - and now content creator! Nowadays, I split my time between freelance makeup work in weddings, events, commercial, fashion and editorial, as well as creating approachable, educational beauty content for my little old beauty Instagram. My makeup aesthetic is polished, fresh and glowy and I am super passionate about giving a voice to East Asian beauty techniques and features on social media.

Kathy wears The Everything in shade Split on cheeks and lips

KS: Who are some women that you admire or look up to in the beauty industry?
There are so many women making big waves in the beauty industry, it's hard to narrow it down! The ones who immediately come to mind are those who I am blessed to know personally; Katie Jane Hughes, Emily Rudman, Ashlee Glazer , and Karen Yeung. They're hard-working and set high standards for their work, but are still real and down-to-earth people. Some of them are moms, which makes them so much more incredible in my eyes. I also have a lot of respect for Liah Yoo (CEO of Krave Beauty) and Susan Yara (Co-Founder, Naturium) - they've created some of my favorite skincare products to date. 

KS: How do beauty and makeup help you feel empowered?
Kathy: I'm able to transform from a lazy couch potato in sweats to a whole new person just by putting on an outfit, doing my hair and putting on makeup. It's like Sailor Moon levels of transformation, and that girl saved the world like multiple times. Need I say more?

Kathy wears her Créme Crayon in shade Tavarua

KS:If you had any advice for your younger self what would you tell her?
Kathy: To the Kathy who spent her entire life in the South Bay Area: Don't take for granted the privilege of growing up around lots of people who look like you, because now that is your biggest strength - teaching other Asian women that they have their own version of beauty in the makeup space. Love your features and the people who sow into your life fiercely, because after you leave for college you won't be back for a long time. And no, do not get the mole on your nose removed.

Kathy wears her Créme Crayon in shade Tavarua on lips.

KS: How has beauty shaped how you perceive female power?
Kathy: I'm a strong believer that every person, male or female, is beautiful in some way - makeup is just a means of bringing out or enhancing existing beauty. I first got interested in being a makeup artist just for the rewarding feeling of doing makeup on real women. I love bringing out what I think is beautiful in a woman through makeup. Historically, beautiful women have had the power to sway kings and emperors to make huge decisions, even starting entire wars. So in a way, I could say that making women beautiful is also a way of placing more power in their hands.

We hope you enjoyed this edition of Creator of The Month and getting to know more about the lovely Kathy Kho!

See you next month,
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