On The Spotlight: Chelsie Jessika

On The Spotlight: Chelsie Jessika

Hey beauty-lovers, we are super excited to have you back for another edition of Creators of the Month. This one is super special since this month we will be celebrating K&S's 5th birthday and to get us started with the celebrations we have the lovely Chelsie Jessika aka @eyesonjess. We chatted with her about the perfect party-ready look, her favorite Kiss & Smink products, and her go-to party plans.

K&S: Hi Chelsie, please tell us about yourself! Who are you on and off social media?

Chelsie: First off, thank you so much for having me! I’m so honored to be a part of K&S’s birthday celebration! Off social media, I’ve been a registered nurse for about 4 years now. On social media, I am a content creator who has had a passion and love for all things makeup and beauty since 2007, when I was in middle school actually. It wasn’t until 2016 till I got the courage to put myself on social media/YouTube to show what I can and love to do and I’m so thankful for all the opportunities it has given me over the years!

Chelsie wears her Créme Crayon in shade Corsica.

K&S: We are celebrating K&S's 5th birthday this month, so we want to know what is your go to makeup look for a celebration or party?

Chelsie: Again, happy birthday! My go to makeup look for a celebration definitely has to include some sort of glitter or shimmer! For me, glitter is the key to dressing up any look! I also love the fact that with glitter, there is a great range of makeup styles you can do from simple to full on glam! 

Chelsie's picks fro May: The Everything in Split & Sardinia, the Créme Crayons in Corsica and Tavarua.

K&S: If you were to gift one of your friends a Créme Crayon and an Everything stick for their birthday, which shades would you pick and why?

Chelsie: Corsica Créme Crayon and the Split Everything Stick would be my recommendations! The color Corsica is a such a beautiful shade for an everyday look and for a night out. Plus the formula is really comfortable. Split is gorgeous, and I love how you can sheer it out for a simple toned down look to a bold one as you layer it on. If you can tell, I love a versatile and flexible product!


Chelsie wears The Everything in shade Split all over cheeks.

K&S: Do you enjoy going out and partying much, or do you like a quiet intimate soirée the most? What would be the perfect way for your loved ones to celebrate you on your birthday?

Chelsie: For sure a quiet intimate soirée. I find it more enjoyable and relaxed which is my goal emotion to feel on my birthday. I think the perfect way to celebrate for me would be a gathering at my place or a friend’s place with all my closest friends and loved ones and just enjoy each others company, eat delicious food and maybe even some karaoke!

A swatch of Corsica and Tavarua.

K&S: Last but not least, which 3 makeup products have to always be in your purse when going out?

Chelsie: 3 must have makeup products that always need to be in my purse are a lip balm, tinted lip oil, and blush! Lip balm is an obvious choice for me because my lips get notoriously dry no matter the weather. Tinted lip oil is a perfect balance between a moisturizing lip product with a right amount of color. Blush, because my cheeks eat up blush products fairly quickly— so touch ups are always needed. 

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