On The Spotlight: Ash Meredith - Our February 2022 Creator

On The Spotlight: Ash Meredith - Our February 2022 Creator

Welcome lovely readers to our February edition of Creator of the Month. February for us is all about love, kindness and spreading good energy. We believe that through beauty we can experience the love and kindness that sometimes we don't give ourselves as much as we should. Do we believe in romance? Absolutely. Do we think every woman's first crush should be herself? Definitely. So for this February edition we caught up with our sweetheart: the stunning Ash Meredith. We talked about love, practicing kindness and how beauty can play an important role in feeling our own self-love!

------------------ Our chat with Ash ------------------

Ash wears her Créme Crayon in shade Tavarua

KS: Hi Ash! Can you tell us about yourself?
Ash: Hi y’all! I am a Dallas based makeup artist. I have specialized in bridal and beauty throughout my 9 year career. My goal has always been to combine my passion for beauty, editorial, & art daily; challenging what is considered “wearable” beauty. 

Ash wearing The Everything in shade Split as blush for a soft complexion look

KS: What do love and kindness mean to you?
Ash: Kindness to me means being patient and empathetic even when it may be difficult. In turn, I think kindness and empathy can be the most powerful ways to love. 

Ash wears her Créme Crayons in a custom shade mixing Tavarua and Martinique

KS: Which is your favorite way to show others you love them?
Ash: Showing someone that I’m thinking about them, whether it’s a quick message or spending quality time together. Anything that lets the person know someone else is not only thinking of them, but appreciative of who they are and what they bring into the world. 

Ash wears The Everything in shade Split on both cheeks and las lip topper

KS: How does beauty, makeup and creating amazing looks play into the way you love and are kind to yourself?
Ash: When it comes to showing myself kindness/love, creating plays a huge part in my life. Creating has always been a therapeutic experience for me. Whether I’m creating something over the top or if I’m just throwing on a quick beauty makeup. Either one requires me to set aside time to myself. Creating with makeup has always allowed me the space to think, process and express my emotions. 

Ash wears The Everything in shade Santorini as blush

KS: Are there any tips and tricks you’d like to share with our audience for those times when it feels harder to love ourselves?
Ash: I would say, whatever makes you feel the most beautiful, the most like yourself, do that. When I’m having a hard time being kind to myself, it helps for me to remove myself from social media scrolling. Comparison is a thief, especially when we are already struggling. Take a break from all things social, and set aside time to do something you love for you and only you. Not with the intention to photograph it, share it, post it, whatever it may be. Sit with yourself in that moment of self care and remind yourself what makes your soul sing. 

We hope you enjoyed getting to know a bit more about our February 2022 Valentine! 
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See you next month, 
Team KS
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