On the Spotlight: Ariana

On the Spotlight: Ariana

Hey beauty lovers, welcome back to our Creators of the Month series where you get to meet some of our favorite creators and get a sneak peak into who they are both on and off socials. This month we are obsessed with the sun-kissed skin vibes that come along with summer, we have Ariana (@ariandtheglam) giving us some of her best tips to keep your skin perfect and glowy and our favorite product recommendation to achieve a summer look: The Everything in shade Maldives!

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Ariana wearing her Tavarua Créme Crayon and Split on cheeks.

Hey Ariana! Please tell us about yourself, who you are on and off social media!

Ariana: Hello! Well, I was born in California and I am 25 years old, a fellow Aquarius, I’m a passionate and strong individual, I like to take on as much as I can but I’m also a huge perfectionist, I love spending time with my kids, going on a drive, trying new foods and learning new techniques. 

Ariana shows off The Everything in shade Split.

KS: Can you tell us the story of how @ariandtheglam was born? Where does your love for beauty and makeup come from? 

Ariana: Yes! @ariandtheglam was born in 2014, I wanted a name that described what makeup is to me, I feel the most powerful when I am put together. In 2012, I had a lot of spare time on my hands so I would buy makeup and watch YouTube videos, it wasn’t until 2014 when I started taking photos and in 2021 started slowly making videos. I also had a YouTube channel, and have always been really big on reviews and makeup collections. 

Ariana wears her Créme Crayon in shade Tavarua.

KS: We love summer, vacationing and all things glowy at K&S. What are some tips you can give our readers to keep their makeup glowy wherever they go?

Ariana: Of course! I always think the key to glowy makeup is definitely a nice highlighter, just put some on the high points of your face like the top of your cheekbones, and the brow bone, that really catches the light when the sun is out. During the summer is when I like to let my skin peak through, put some highlighter on, if you’re feeling fancy adding some on the collarbone and shoulders will have you looking glowy and glamorous! 

Ariana applies her Créme Crayon in shade Tulum, her favorite shade.

KS: Which one of your K&S products is a must-keep in your purse and why?

Ariana: My go to K&S product is the Lip Crayon in Tulum, super creamy and perfect for on the go, it also helps its hydrating and super comfortable on the lips, it’s in my purse always! 

KS: What does your current beauty routine look like for summer? 

Ariana: For the summer I love a CC cream because it has SPF and it’s really comfortable to wear during a hot sunny day. I throw on some waterproof mascara, a bit of cream blush and bronzer, and I also set with some powder because I do live in Texas and I want my makeup to last all day. If I’m home and not running errands, I skip out on the powder and of course I love the K&S lip crayon in Tulum for that perfect pink summer lip. 

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