Happy Holidays! - Celebrating with our 2022 Creators of The Month

Happy Holidays! - Celebrating with our 2022 Creators of The Month

Welcome back to our blog Sminkers! We are feeling so many things this December that we want to share with you... Firstly we are super grateful for the beautiful community we have built together and we want to give a special shoutout to the Creators of the Month that have supported Kiss & Smink during 2022! 

January's Creator: Katie Moseng @katiemoseng wears her Tulum Créme Crayon on lips and The Everything in Maldives on Cheekbones.

February's Creator: Ash Meredith @ashmeredith_ wears  wears her Créme Crayons in a custom shade mixing Tavarua and Martinique.
March's Creator: Kathy Kho @kathykhobeauty wears her Créme Crayon in shade Formentera on cheeks and on the center of the lips.

April's Creator: Lindsay Turley @linz.panz wears her Créme Crayon in shade Tavarua on lips and The Everything in shade Sardinia as bronzer.
June's Creator: Roshini Narayanan  @glam.byrosh wears The Everything in Split all over cheeks.
July's Creator: Andreea Stefan @ramsi.thecat  wears Santorini on cheeks, lids and lips.
August's Creator: Namratha  @namratha_ng wears Santorini on cheeks and Bahamas on lips.
September's Creator: Isabel Surmova  @champagne.skin  wears  Santorini as blush and her Créme Crayon in  Tulum on lips.
November's Creator: Elena Koira  @theelenakoira  wears her Créme Crayon in Formentera on both lips and cheeks.

Go get the most loved shades and start 2023 with all the must-haves for any kind of glam you want to create!

See you next time, 
K&S Team
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