Creator Spotlight of the Month

November marks the official launch of a really exciting collaborative project that has been in the works for a while. Starting this month and every month after, we will be highlighting creators that we truly love. We love their inspiring energy, their visual aesthetic, and their beauty philosophy. These are creators who inspire us deeply and lead in their own unique ways. Our goal for this initiative is to leverage Instagram to zoom in on what’s behind what sometimes feels heavily focused on strictly bite-sized content. Don’t get us wrong, we love the visual impact of social media but it can often leave you wondering who’s behind the content and what drives the incredible creations. 
We’re hoping that this initiative will help you discover a new creator that you can really connect with beyond what meets the eye on social media. 
For this month’s Creator Spotlight, we will be sharing some words from two incredible women who are wonderful at what they do – Briana Loren (@brianaloren) and Emma Fuston (@cute_cream_). 
  @brianaloren                                              @cute_cream_

Briana Loren

Brianna wears Santorini on cheeks, and she mixed Marietas & Bahamas on her lips for a custom colour. 
Briana Lorenn is a Professional Make-up Artist and Beauty Blogger from New Jersey, US, who believes that all shades and all skin tones are created beautifully.

KS: Tell us about yourself and what beauty means to you?

I love diversity and creating content that captures and exemplifies natural beauty. Women being confident in who they are, inside and out.

Makeup should not cover, but compliment the skin and personality of anyone who is wearing it. Makeup can help bring positivity to someone’s confidence but should not come from makeup only. But who they are, and how they treat others and the company they keep.

Lip Crayon, Bahamas 

Above, Bri wears Lip Crayons in shades Bahamas and Marietas.

KS: What's your go-to to stay positive?
I stay positive by spending time with God and making my faith a priority in my life. Both my husband and I believe that is the foundation of joy and peace in one’s life and share that joy with who we meet!

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Emma Fuston

Emma wears Lip Creme Crayon in Marietas on eyes, cheeks and lips.

Emma is a Content Creator specializing in makeup based out of Arkansas, USA. Emma’s feed radiates her passion for natural and authentic beauty.

KS: What started your journey in the beauty world?
Not knowing anything about makeup. Feeling lost and confused in makeup stores. I started watching YouTube tutorials and I sort of became addicted. I find them just as relaxing as I find them educational.

KS: What inspires you to create?
Fellow creators, feelings of anxiety and depression, nature, colors.

Emma wears Lip Crayon in shade Tavarua on eyes, cheeks and lips.

KS: What does makeup mean to you?
A form of creativity and expression at the core. Makeup or lack there of should be a judgement free zone. It gives us the ability to play and explore, while knowing we can wipe it right off and start again.

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A big thank you to Brianna and Emma who made our first edition possible. We hope you feel inspired by their words just as much as we do. Don’t forget to check out their social media pages (@brianaloren and @cute_cream_  and follow along for more. 


Until next time,
Kiss & Smink

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