Step into the Newest Digital Shopping Experience

We understand that doing things virtually can come with its barriers so, we’ve been on the lookout for a platform to help make your digital experience with us feel one step closer to an in-person one! 

The latest e-commerce platform Shoploop offers a unique and intimate opportunity for you to discover our products. We’ll be utilizing this platform to have sit-down conversations with you where we’ll be focusing on a new product in each post (or more!) and will be sharing insider knowledge and practical tips + product demonstrations and tutorials to show you how to best apply our products in short-form videos under 90 seconds. 

You can comment directly on our videos through Shoploop and one of our team members will reply to you promptly answering any questions you may have. To top it all off you can also purchase any products you fall in love with and want to add to your beauty routine directly through the platform – think of it as your personal digital sales associate!  

We are so excited for you to check us out on Shoploop and begin to discover more in-depth knowledge about each of our products. 

Follow us on Shoploop: “Kiss and Smink” or, by clicking here!

p.s: You'll have to check this out on mobile, as it acts as an app!

Kiss & Smink,

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