On the Spotlight: Nino

On the Spotlight: Nino

Hello beauty lovers, to our latest edition of Creators of the Month! This June 2023 we caught up with the lovely Nino, also known as Aesthebird on social media and we talked all things summer. You may already be familiar with our love for summer and all the wonderful things this season brings: beach trips, tan and glowy skin, good weather, pretty scenery and wanderlust. And there is seriously no one better than Nino to channel this energy. Her vibes are a mix between cottage-core and classic elegance. She loves clean, eco-friendly products, and all things natural beauty, so we are obviously super excited to show you how gorgeous she looks wearing her own Kiss & Smink picks. Keep scrolling for more...


Nino wears her Créme Crayon in shade Tulum.

KS: Hi Nino, can you please tell us a bit about yourself?

Nino: Hello, my name is Nino, also known as: Aesthebird, on Instagram. I'm a 22 year old girl who finds joy in creating beauty content. I love to share my finds with my followers and discuss beauty and self-care with them. I’ve been creating content since high school, now that I’m a college student I do have a lot of stuff to do, however I always find time to create and share photos, videos and more. It's a very relaxing process for me. 

The Everything in shades Split & Maldives.

KSWe love summer and recharging energy during this time. What are some ways in which you recharge and take care of yourself?

Nino: I love summer too!  I’m a morning person so it is my favorite thing to get up early in the morning and sit in my garden with a good book and a cup of strong black coffee. It’s only me, the birds, and the worlds inside my books. It is truly therapeutic so whenever I feel anxious and need some recharging  to continue with my daily routine or schoolwork I try this.

One of Nino's picks, her Créme Crayon in shade: Martinique.

KSOur product The Everything is available in four shades named after beach destinations across the world: Santorini, Split, Maldives, and Sardinia. Which of these summer destinations would you like to visit and which shade of TE would you take with you?

Nino: What pretty names and places! I would actually like to visit the Maldives with my favorite blush in shade, Split, which is such a unique shade of pink and looks amazing on my skin. I would also take Sardinia, a perfect golden cream bronzer,  so I can keep the glow on my face always.

Nino wears The Everything in Split on cheeks, Maldives on nose and her Créme Crayon in Tulum on lips. 

KSWhich is your go-to makeup and outfit for summer? What do they look like?

Nino: I love white and neutral shades in my outfits, so I feel like summer is the perfect time for me to express my style. I love to wear white canvas pants with a white shirt and a tote bag. For accessories I usually do gold earrings and rings with sunglasses of course. My summer makeup is all about glowy vibes. So I usually go for a lot of cream blush and creamy highlighters to keep the glow on specific areas of my face. Finally I can’t forget to set powder on my T-zone to avoid unwanted shine. 

KSWhich traditional summer activities are you most looking forward to doing this season?

Nino: I love that during this season is when I have time to leave the city for several days and enjoy nature the most. I love swimming and can’t wait to swim all summer long in nature. I am also so excited to visit the countryside and live out my cottagecore dreams;  just laying on the grass, and watching the stars.
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