On The Spotlight: Navaneeta

On The Spotlight: Navaneeta

Hi beauty lovers welcome back to our July 2023 edition of Creators of the Month, we are super excited to introduce you to the amazing creator taking the spotlight this month and the theme surrounding her feature. This month we are all about Bollywood Glam! The makeup trends and styles inspired by some of the biggest starts in Bollywood who have graced the screens through the ages in one of the most successful entertainment industries in the world. To guide us and inspire us we have the lovely Navaneeta this month; she is a content creator, makeup-lover and self-described corporate girly! Read her full interview to get the Navaneeta experiencie (which is a super cool one in our opinion) and make sure to check out het stunning #glowy makeup looks for inspo...

Navaneeta wears The Everything in shade Maldives to highlight
specific areas of her face.

K&S: Hi Navaneeta, can you give us a sneak peek into who you are on and off socials?
Navaneeta: Hi everyone! I'm Navaneeta, and I'd love to share a little snippet into who I am both on and off social media. On socials, you might know me as a makeup content creator on platforms like Instagram and TikTok. I absolutely adore creating makeup looks, sharing beauty tips, and engaging with my lovely audience. And off screen, I am a corporate girly! :)

Navaneeta wears The Everything in shade Split all over cheeks
and her Créme Crayon in shade Marietas in the
center of lips topped with gloss.

K&S: We are so excited to host a South-East Asian beauty influencer and makeup artist this month! We noticed you post a lot of Bollywood-Diva-inspired makeup on your Instagram page; which is super glowy, and beautiful... can you tell us a bit about where you got the idea to recreate some of these looks? 

Navaneeta: Thank you so much for the feature! I'm incredibly thrilled and honored to be here. The inspiration behind my Bollywood-Diva-inspired makeup looks on Instagram comes from my deep-rooted love for my own community and culture. Growing up in India, I was surrounded by the vibrant colors, rich traditions, and enchanting aesthetics of Bollywood. These iconic divas have always fascinated me with their beautiful makeup looks, and I couldn't help but want to recreate them myself. Each look I create is a tribute to the timeless elegance and grace these stars embody. Moreover, I believe makeup is not just about enhancing our features but also a form of artistic expression, and I find immense joy in channeling that creativity through these Desi-inspired looks. Sharing these recreations with my online friends is a way for me to connect with like-minded beauty enthusiasts and celebrate the captivating allure of South-East Asian beauty!


Navaneeta shows off The Everything in shade Maldives,
a pearlescent glowy-shade in our super easy to blend formula that
will keep you glowing all day.

K&S: We love glowy skin, natural vibes, and easy beauty routines at K&S. How have your K&S products helped you achieve this particular soft-glam style?

Navaneeta: I absolutely adore glowy, natural skin and easy beauty routines and I must confess, few of K&S products have slowly but surely become a staple in my everyday makeup routine. ;) I particularly like The Everything in shade”Maldives”. It adds the most stunning, dewy sheen to my cheekbones, giving me that lit-from-within glow. It's the perfect finishing touch to elevate my soft-glam style and make me feel like a glowing goddess.

Navaneeta wears her Créme crayon in shade Bonair on lips
and The Everything in shade Split on cheeks.


K&S: It's clear you are proud of your heritage, (as one should be!) and are constantly putting a pin on the map for POC, which is so important; because having a wider representation of beauty in this industry is a must. What would you say to someone who might be struggling with their self-image because they feel they look or are different than others around them? 

Navaneeta: Thank you so much for recognizing and appreciating my efforts to promote representation for people of color in the beauty industry. It truly means a lot, and I wholeheartedly believe that diversity and inclusion are essential.

To someone who might be struggling with their self-image because they feel they look or are different from others around them, I want to say this: I completely understand what you're going through because I've been there myself. In high school, I used to be so insecure about my physical appearance. I constantly compared myself to others, feeling like I didn't fit the traditional beauty standards. But over time, I realized that beauty is not a one-size-fits-all concept. Our differences make us unique and beautiful in our own way. Surround yourself with positivity and supportive people who uplift and celebrate you for who you are. Remember that self-love is a process, and it's okay to have days when you feel less confident.

Navaneeta wears her Maldives stick to complete this beautiful glam.

K&S: If we had to watch 3 movies, Hollywood or Bollywood, that had outstanding or very beautiful makeup on the actresses on screen which ones would you recommend?

Navaneeta: Certainly! Here are my recommendations for few of my favourite Bollywood movies that showcase outstanding and beautiful makeup on the actresses on screen:

  • Padmaavat: Deepika Padukone's portrayal of Queen Padmavati in "Padmaavat" was a sight to behold. The makeup in this movie was nothing short of regal and captivating. The ethereal glow on her skin, complemented by soft, muted lips, added to the royal charm. 
  • Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara: Katrina Kaif's natural, glowy makeup in "Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara" perfectly matched the movie's carefree and adventurous vibe. Her character Laila's makeup featured a fresh, dewy complexion, giving her that effortless sun-kissed look. 
  • Someone Great: While "Someone Great" isn't a Bollywood movie, I can't help but mention Gina Rodriguez's makeup in this heartfelt rom-com. Her character's makeup was relatable and contemporary, reflecting the modern woman's style. The makeup in the film was kept chic and minimalist, with an emphasis on enhancing her natural beauty. Subtle contouring, soft blush, and a touch of gloss on the lips gave Gina a fresh and youthful appearance, perfectly capturing the essence of her character's journey of self-discovery.

Each of these movies offers a unique and visually appealing makeup style, making them a must-watch for beauty enthusiasts and anyone who appreciates the art of makeup in storytelling.


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