On the Spotlight: Delta

On the Spotlight: Delta

For this edition of Creator of the Month, we chatted to super talented makeup artist Delta Iglesias about the fashion and beauty industry. We are obsessed with her story and related so much: from being a little girl and dreaming to make an impact in the industry to being part of NYFW! She created some gorgeous looks using our products for a wedding she was recently hired for. We're feeling so grateful to have been part of somebody's special day! P.S.: How gorgeous is the bride!? 

KS: Take us back to the start. How did you go from being passionate about makeup to making waves in the fashion world?

Delta: Hi!!! My name is Delta Iglesias. I am a  Makeup Artist based in LA. I am so excited and honored to share my story and artistic journey with you. Thank you so much for having me.  

I’ve always had passion for art. Music and dancing were my passions when I was little. But as I got older I started getting more curious about makeup. My mom was the one who introduced me to the basics. She showed me how to apply eyeshadow, mascara, lipstick, mix colors, etc but in a very natural way. I was obsessed with shimmery palettes in my 20s. A shimmery eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara and some gloss was my go to. I loved doing makeup for my best friends, my sister and co-workers. 

In 2015 I decided to attend to a makeup program in NY, so I could explore and learn more, and that’s when I really discovered my passion for makeup and turned it into my career. Fast forward to 2023 a couple weeks ago I traveled to NYC to work on a NYFW model show package project, and my second magazine publication has been just released. 

For this look Delta used Santorini on cheeks and lips.

KS: We all know makeup works some serious magic. But in your opinion, how does a makeup look not only change how someone looks but also boost their whole vibe?

Tavarua on lips

Delta: Makeup is very powerful. We all know that, on a physical level, makeup enhances your features and it can transform your appearance. But it definitely goes way beyond that. The way we apply makeup and create a specific look, tailored to us, or a client, can boost our confidence and have a huge impact on one’s vibe and self-esteem. Makeup is an art and a form of self-expression. It completes your style, shows your personality, your uniqueness and individuality, expresses your mood and represents you. 

"But let’s not forget how important is to embrace and appreciate our natural beauty, our flaws, and how beautifully imperfect we all are."

BTS Tavarua on lips

KS: When you're creating a makeup look, it's like painting a canvas. How do you use your brushes and palettes to tell a story or convey different feelings?

Delta: Well, I start by looking at the mood board or inspirations, the models or the clients I am going to work with beforehand, so I can start creating and visualizing the look I want for them. It gets me creative and excited. 

Once I have an idea in my head I choose the color palette (warm or cool), the textures,  shapes, placement and technique I want to use based on what I want the finished look to be, then is when brushes come to play. 

You have to be very strategic when choosing your brushes, I know I am very particular with mine, since with them you bring your vision to life and they can create completely different effects if not used correctly during application. The intensity of a color, the precision on a liner, or the transitions can affect the story you wanted to tell and change the finish you desired if chosen incorrectly. 

delta makeup artist playing with brush and makeup cream blush kiss and smink
Delta, her brush and The Everything in shade Split

KS: Have you ever had a "pinch me" moment while working in the fashion world?

Delta: I’ve definitely had a “pinch me” moment, and it was pretty recent actually. Like I mentioned at the beginning of the interview, a couple weeks ago, I had the opportunity to travel back to New York City to work as Hair and Makeup Artist for the NYFW SS 2024 show package with over 12 models and I also had my second fashion editorial magazine published beginning of September. 

When I started my career I always dreamed of being part of projects like this and seeing my work on magazines, so this was a full circle moment. 

The bride wore Santorini as blush, lips and lightly on eyes. 

KS: What are your favourite types of campaigns?

Delta: Definitely Beauty and Fashion Campaigns. 

There’s a wide range as we know, but overall, I love getting to meet and work with other talented professionals in the industry to bring our creative visions to life. Everyone works together as one to ensure the ideas align with the overall concept. It is magical to witness. When I get to see my work online, in models comp cards, shown in magazines, etc… it’s an incredible feeling! 


We hope you loved getting to know Delta as much as we did and that her story reminded you that when we chase after our dreams, it is only a matter of time until we get to see them unfold (and in some cases, printed on a magazine!).

Team KS

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