On the Spotlight: Andreea Stefan

On the Spotlight: Andreea Stefan

Welcome back to another edition of Creators of the Month everyone! This month we are all about the stories we tell: to other people and to ourselves. It is through stories that we shape our world, both the one surrounding us and the one within each one of us. Here at Kiss & Smink we believe that makeup can help us tell a story as well: one of hope when we may be a bit sad and in need of a pick-me-up, one of magic when we experiment with color and techniques, one of confidence when we wear our favorite shade of lipstick and instantly turn into a powerful & unstoppable force. 
This time we chatted with Andreea, otherwise known as @ramsi.thecat on Instagram-land. She shares with us a bit of her own unique story, how she started her journey in the beauty community as a content-creator, how she tells stories through her beautiful makeup looks, some of her book recommendations at the moment... Keep reading so you don't miss a beat of this wonderful story that continues to get written.

Andreea wears Split on cheeks and Martinique on lips


KS: Hi Andrea, can you tell us a bit about yourself?
Andreea:  Hi! I’m Andreea, a country girl from Romania! In November 2020 I decided to go against my fears and start sharing my makeup looks on Instagram! Lucky for me, I came across a wonderful community who made me feel genuinely appreciated, made lots of friends from all over the globe, learned new makeup techniques, discovered new makeup brands... and my journey continues!


Andreea wears Santorini on cheeks, lids and lips.

KS: Are there stories behind the makeup looks you create?
Andreea: Yes, there are always stories behind my makeup looks! Even behind a simple everyday makeup look done in a hurry: there is the story of a person that is willing to get up, put on an armour and face the world (and her own self!).


Andreea wears Split as blush and lip-topper 

KS: What does the makeup from your favorite book character look like in your mind?
Andreea: My favorite character is Melba Patillo Beals from her autobiographical book “Warriors don’t cry”. She is one of the first nine African American students in the US to attend an all-white high school. Ninety percent of the time while reading the book I got goosebumps! At only 15 years, Melba had to face racism in many forms by simply trying to attend the school. Her bravery and resilience are inspiring! In my mind she wears a minimal glowy makeup and obviously Santorini as blusher!

 Andreea wears Split on cheeks and Martinique on lips.

KS: If your life was made into a book what would the title be?
Andreea: Hmm…it would sound something like this “Under The Love of Small Things”. I believe small things in life are the cornerstones for the big moments. Life is mostly made up of small things; in the sense that we don’t experience a major event everyday. One of the lessons I have learned is to appreciate the small things because eventually they will lead us to the big moments!

Andreea wears Santorini on cheeks, lids and lips 

KS: What stories are you currently telling through your makeup?
Andrea: Simple stories of unapologetically existing as a human being; staying true to yourself, and your beliefs. You want to wear that red lipstick on a Tuesday morning? Go ahead! Who is going to stop you? Other people’s opinions and expectations of you? Then it’s not really your life, is it?


Andreea wears Split as blush and lip-topper

Which one of your K&S products is your favorite right now and why?
Andrea: It has to be The Everything! Just as the name suggests - it is the everything: lids, cheeks, lips! A great multi-tasking product that actually works. Beginner or professional, no one can go wrong with this product, but don’t make me choose between the shades because they are all so beautiful and unique.

We hope you enjoyed getting to know Andrea and her beautiful makeup looks with us!

Until next time, 
KS Team



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