On The Spotlight: Alyczandra Jnsn - Our November 2021 Creator

On The Spotlight: Alyczandra Jnsn - Our November 2021 Creator

The fun spooky season is over. We can all put our skeletons back in the closet, dust away the spiderwebs and finish all the candy leftover from October 31st. Some will even have a significant other to finish all that candy with. So let's get in the mood for an Autumnal Romance with our November 2021 Creator of The Month: @alyczandra . We chatted with Alex about her style, inspiration and how the seasons affect her looks. Her dreamy and romantic style inspired us and we hope it inspires you as well.

------------------Our chat with Alyczandra JNSN------------------

KS: Hi Alyczandra please tell us a bit about yourself:
Alyczandra: Hey! My name is Alyczandra Jnsn, or Alex, and I am a makeup artist across social media. I have been doing makeup seriously for about 3 years and started most of my social media presence in 2019. I love to draw, read, figure skate, and most of all try out different things with makeup.

Alex wear her Kiss & Smink Créme Crayon in shade Bahamas

KS: What is your ideal makeup look for a romantic night out?
Alyczandra: My ideal makeup for a romantic night out is usually a shimmery, or neutral look with some kind of dainty, long lashes, and a pink lip. I love to look a bit more natural than I would for a night out or wild makeup look.

Alexandra posing with her Kiss & Smink Picks: SantoriniMaldivesMaui and Bahamas.

KS:Does your makeup change with the seasons or does it remain the same throughout the year?
Alyczandra: My makeup routine stays mostly the same for my face throughout the year, but my eye makeup kind of morphs between seasons. For summer I always love bright colors and fun and adventurous looks, for fall I like more neutral and cool tones. For winter I like to emphasize some more angular traits such as cheek bones and facial structure along with darker eyes. For spring I like a bright look such as pinks, whites, and shimmers on the eyes and lip gloss or dewy looking highlight.

Alex wears The Everything in shade Santorini

KS: Where do you find inspiration for your makeup looks?
Alyczandra: I derive a lot of my inspiration from the makeup community online. Seeing people I look up to as artists create a look really drives me. I also use my real-life surroundings, experiences, and tastes to inspire me.

KS: If you could pick one makeup trend to wear for the rest of your life what would it be? Why?
Alyczandra: My favorite makeup trend is the face-lifting contour/concealer. I love some of the newer trends of doing makeup because it really does give a more refined look than just slabbing your face with concealer. 

We hope you enjoyed getting to know a bit more about our November muse! We loved working and getting to know her.
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See you next month, 
Team KS
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