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You may know Kiss & Smink for its versatile makeup and focus on creating paraben & cruelty-free products named after some of the most desirable destinations from around the globe, but, what many of you may not know is the female entrepreneur behind it all, Tamara.

We caught up with Tamara for a few questions so that you can better get to know the story behind the label, upcoming sneak peeks with the company and advice to aspiring female entrepreneurs.

K&S: Tell us about the early days and what inspired you to create Kiss & Smink?
T: I used to be a buyer for a beauty company for four years and was craving products that were simpler to use and aligned to a more unrestrained lifestyle. I was busy juggling a million things every day, traveling sometimes three times a week (!) and a complicated beauty routine was not part of my agenda. I love products that are multitasking and can be applied without much fuss; anything that simplifies my life and lightens my handbag is a big winner in my books. All of Kiss & Smink’s products are created with simplicity, versatility and beautiful textures in mind. 

K&S: Tell us a little about your lust for travel and where is next on your bucket list?
T: Travel has the power to renew me and my creativity profoundly. I'm super curious and can't sit still for too long so anything new and unknown exhilarates me. There are places and people that our imaginations cannot construct for us and the only way for us to find them is by stepping out of our comfort zones and meeting them head-on and open-hearted.
Bucket list wise, I actually haven’t been to Greece (I know, right!?) and I will be there as soon as it’s safe to travel again!

K&S: Where do the tropical exotic names come from for the names of your products?
T: The names come from beach destinations and oceanside cities that I’ve visited and fallen in love with. There are a few (like Tavarua, which is an island in Fiji shaped like a heart! <3) that I’m dying to go to and so the products are a gentle push to remind me to work hard for what I want to do and see. 

K&S: What new releases can we expect from Kiss & Smink?
T: So many exciting things are coming! I don’t want to give away too many details but I’ll say this: get ready for an innovative formula that merges skincare and cosmetics. Beach lovers (and who isn’t?) this one's for you!

K&S: Any words to other aspiring female entrepreneurs?
T: If you’re passionate about pursuing something, anything, put your heart into it and turn your dreams into goals. Be diligent as you move forward, even if it’s slowly, and never forget about the bigger picture. It’s easy to fill your day with aimless plugs but a dream without a plan is just a dream. Have your goals somewhere visible so that every day they inspire you to move a step closer to achieving them. Never limit yourself by thinking small. Never let anyone tell you what’s realistic, or important, or whatever. Only you know that. There is nothing you can’t do if you REALLY want it. And remember that sometimes if there is something that you want but it’s just not happening for you, maybe, after all, you don’t want it that badly, and that is perfectly OK. If you’re passionate about what you’re doing and you’re doing it for the right reasons, the rewards will come and your inspiration will change the world. 

The lowdown

  • I founded Kiss & Smink in 2018. Smink means makeup in Swedish.
  • My favourite shade of The Everything is Sardinia. I want to cover my whole body with it and have golden shimmery skin forever.

  • My favourite shade of the Creme Lip Crayons is Marietas. A perfect shade all year round for a natural vibe on medium to dark skin tones. More of a statement on lighter skin tones but still very wearable for everyday. 
  • My love for makeup started with my grandma, who, no matter what she was doing or where she was going, would always be sporting an immaculate red lip and matching nails.

  • Soho, my dog, is basically my best friend. We live in Toronto.
  • My dream (goal as I’m taking steps towards making it a reality!) is to have a dog shelter to help combat the stray dog overpopulation around the world. 

And that's a wrap (for now)! We loved catching up with Tamara and sharing more inside details with you about the woman behind it all.

More questions about the brand? Want to collaborate with us? DM us @kissandsmink or, email us: we can’t wait to connect with you! 

Kiss & Smink

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