8 Ways to Honor Our Mother’s All Year Round

8 Ways to Honor Our Mother’s All Year Round

There may only be one official day of the year dedicated to celebrating moms, but we believe there are ways to honor and celebrate all mothers and maternal figures everyday. We want to wish all the moms reading us today a Happy belated Mother’s Day, we hope that you enjoyed the festivities and got to spend time with your loved ones.

As we continue to celebrate together we also want to acknowledge that this may be a difficult time for some - For anyone reading who has; lost their mom, doesn’t have a relationship with her, struggles with fertility, or simply doesn't particularly have an easy time: we want you to know that we see you. We hope you are doing well and you are taking the time to show yourself compassion and remember that you are loved in this community.

This month we are dedicating our blogpost to the people that took care of us most during our childhood and continue to care, love and support us as we grow and change. The women in our lives that taught us how to walk through life with strength, poise and fearlessness. We believe this group of women includes: sisters, aunts, grandmas, friends, teachers, and all women who have cared for us and taught us important lessons that remain with us throughout our lifetime.
So continue reading our tips and ideas to make your moms and/or mother figures feel special any day!


1. Listen up!

Sometimes your mom may tell you the same story a bunch of times, instead of telling her you already know it let her tell it! You can make her feel heard and continue to learn about the life she has led.


2. Give her a call

Life sometimes can get a bit complicated, but thankfully technology has come to make keeping in touch with our loved ones easier! Give your mom a call every week to just update her on your life and keep her in the loop. She will feel closer to you even you are physically far away.


3. Bring her some of her favorite things

Maybe she ran out of her signature scent or her favorite Kiss & Smink crayon!  You can also pick up a bouquet of her favorite flowers next time you visit her; and remember it doesn’t have to be a special date to make your mom feel special. 

Get her The Everything in Sardinia for a pretty shade that can be used on cheeks, lips and eyes!

4. Create something just for her

Do you have any particular talents? Record a song for her on your phone, draw or paint her a beautiful landscape. Not artistic? No worries! How about helping her organize her taxes or her pantry? You will make her life easier and she will feel supported by you!

5. Do an activity together

Share one of your hobbies or explore a new one with your mom! Go on a hike or run, take a yoga class, learn to cook one of her signature recipes from her, 

6. Reminisce on your shared past

Look at photo albums, home videos and share stories from your childhood or her youth!



7. Travel together

You can go to the next town, a new city, or even a different country! It doesn't matter how far you go as long as you do it together. It's a great way to get to know your mom and experience the tourist life together. 

8. Tell her story

Tell your friends and anyone willing to listen who your mom is, share her accomplishments and her life story. You can do it through art, social media, writing or anyway you can think of. After all we are reflections of our mothers and that's something to be proud of.
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