Aniela Biagioni & Georgina Edionseri - Our August 2021 Creators

Summer is here and while we love everything about it we are obsessed with one thing in particular: the glow that comes from this time of the year. We don't mean  the outside glowy-dewy-glazed-donut type of look that comes from standing too long in the sun and sweating, but the inner-glow that inevitably shines through when everything around us is more vibrant, our vitamin D levels rise and we know we have all summer long to do everything we've been dying to try since winter came around. 

We're very excited to share with you our conversation with this month's creators. We got to catch up with Aniela Biagioni (@anielabeauty) and Georgina Edionseri (@hernameisgeorgie) to chat about their journey in the beauty industry, how to get glowing skin, and how social media can be an avenue to spread the voice and spark important conversations on social matters. We hope you enjoy getting to know these creators as much as we loved working with them! 


Aniela Biagioni

Aniela's mastery of makeup and beauty shows through in all of her content, her clients always look renewed after a session with her. Her story is very inspiring and shows us that our inner-glow can be found even in the smallest things.
Aniela wearing Santorini as blush and Maldives as highlighter 

KS: Hi Aniela, please tell us a bit about you:
Aniela: I am a Toronto based Makeup Artist. I specialize in Weddings and Special Events. I was a ballerina at the National Ballet of Cuba. I moved to Canada in 2010 without knowing any English. After I had my son I decided to follow my dream of being a makeup artist, and it has been a beautiful journey.

KS: What are some of your favorite tricks and tips for glowing skin?
Aniela: I think the key to achieve glowing and beautiful skin is to take care of your skin in the first place. When you have beautiful skin makeup will look more flawless and effortless. My favourite products to achieve that beautiful glow from within are cream products The Everything-Cream Sticks have became a staple on my kit and they are perfect for that all over glow. 

Aniela wearing Santorini as blush and Maldives as highlighter

KS: How are you keeping your makeup and your clients’ makeup fresh this summer?
Aniela: I believe less is more. I love building up my products as well as mixing textures, and targeting or applying products only on the needed areas. I have been loving cream products to keep the skin looking fresh specially on my clients with dry skin, and a setting spray always come in handy if you have applied too much powder and want to bring your skin back to life and make it look fresh; Mac Cosmetics Fix Plus is a staple for me as well as Urban Decay All Nighter.

KS: What are some of the things and people in your life that contribute to your own glow?
Aniela: I believe being content, and trying to always stay positive has a huge impact on it. I grew up in a very poor country and we learned how to be happy with very little so I’m so grateful for everything that I have today in my life. Also being surrounded by people that love me, support me, and believe in me: like my son, my husband, my friends, and my mom; even though she is not here with me she is always very supportive.

KS: When do you feel like your inner-glow shines through?
Aniela: I believe happiness and confidence will make anyone’s inner glow shine through. I do have bad days like anyone else I just try not to let that define me and I try to make the best out of every situation or experience I go through. Don’t overthink life and try not to stress, take care of your problems and find a solution instead of worrying about them.


Georgina Edionseri

Georgina's creativity and insights are inspiring and refreshing. Her content pops with her unique personality and we love that she always has a story to tell and is continuously looking for the best products made for deeper skin tones - we all deserve to glow and inclusivity is a much needed topic of conversation in the beauty industry. 

Georgina wearing The Everything in shade Sardinia on cheeks, brow bone & nose.

KS: Hi Georgina, please tell us a bit about you:
Georgina: I am a former pre-med student turned beauty enthusiast! I currently work in the Real Estate/Finance world but my passion is in the Beauty and Social Media industry.

KS: How did you discover your love for beauty and makeup?
Georgina: My mom has always been into makeup so I initially picked up my love for beauty from her. But it wasn't until I was in grad school when I really fell in love and started creating content. Around that time I attended IPSY GenBeauty convention and I connected and learned from so many creators and Brands and it gave me the confidence to start creating on my own.

Pictured from top to bottom: The Everything in shades Sardinia and Tulum. The Créme Crayons in shades: Corsica and Formentera.

KS: What does being a #blackcreator mean to you?

Georgina: Since the inception of my identity as a beauty content creator, being Black was at the crux of all the content I created. I knew from my own experience of shopping for products and having to search YouTube for reviews of people with my skin tone or similar to see how a product looked. So I wanted to be that person for someone else. Black women are the #1 demographic who purchase cosmetics and yet still not always represented fully when it comes to product formulations, shades, or ads. For that reason I feel being a Black creator is more than just posting photos, it's about creating a trusting and helpful community.

KS: Is there a secret to beautiful glowing skin like yours? 
Georgina: I'm a skincare product junkie so I'm obsessed with trying 100 products at once! I feel like my skin looks and feels the best when my skincare routine is minimal. I personally swear by an acne cleanser, vitamin c serum, and sunscreen for a soft and glowy look!

Georgina wearing Corsica on the lips.

KS: When do you feel like your inner-glow shines through?
Georgina: My inner-glow truly shines when I emotionally feel well. When I'm rested, happy, and stress-free!


We hoped you enjoyed getting to know a bit more about this month's creators! We loved working with them and seeing them use our products has been an honor. Don't forget to follow them for more amazing content.

See you next month, 
Team KS
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