Goodbye 2021: Creators of the Month Recap

Goodbye 2021: Creators of the Month Recap

With 2021 coming to an end we would like to do a recap on all the amazing women that collaborated closest to us this past year! We are so grateful to all of them for sharing a piece of themselves with us and you, we can't wait to see what amazing things next year has waiting for them.

---------------- Creators of the Month 2021 Recap--------------

Brianna wears Santorini on cheeks, and she mixed Marietas & Bahamas on her lips for a custom color. 

KS: What's your go-to to stay positive?
Briana: I stay positive by spending time with God and making my faith a priority in my life. Both my husband and I believe that is the foundation of joy and peace in one’s life and share that joy with who we meet!

Emma wears Lip Creme Crayon in Marietas on eyes, cheeks and lips.

KS: What inspires you to create?
Emma: Fellow creators, feelings of anxiety and depression, nature, colors.

Ellen wears Santorini as blush

KS: What does makeup/beauty mean to you?

Ellen: Makeup makes me feel confident. I could be having the worst day but once I throw my makeup on it really makes me feel beautiful and powerful, and turns my mood around.

Mariam mixes Marietas and Martinique on lips and Sardinia and cheeks. 

KS: How do you stay positive?
Mariam: I do my best to ground myself. Stay in the now, feel the world around you, understand where you are in this moment in life, and be grateful and proud of yourself for just being.

Daniela wearing Amalfi on lips and Tulum on cheeks

KS: What inspires you to create?
Daniela: My biggest inspirations revolve around expression and being true to my own identity. Everyone has their own unique way of displaying their style and beauty products are just another aspect of that as well! Walks in NYC will inspire me or people watching at Bryant Park, you get to really learn about another individual by their makeup style too, because its a form of expression.

Sona wearing Amalfi on lips and Maldives on cheekbones

KS: If you could give advice to a younger you, what would it be?
Sona: My advice to my younger self would always be to trust your intuition. Don't let anyone's opinion stop you from getting what you want.

Aniela wearing Santorini as blush and Maldives as highlighter

KS: When do you feel like your inner-glow shines through?
Aniela: I believe happiness and confidence will make anyone’s inner glow shine through. I do have bad days like anyone else I just try not to let that define me and I try to make the best out of every situation or experience I go through.

Georgina wearing The Everything in shade Sardinia on cheeks, brow bone & nose. And   Corsica on the lips.

KS: What does being a #blackcreator mean to you?

Georgina: I feel being a Black creator is more than just posting photos, it's about creating a trusting and helpful community.

Sophia wearing Santorini and the Tulum Créme Crayon.

KS: What’s your favorite part about being a beauty creator?
Sophia: I really love the community. There are so many amazing and talented artists that I now consider friends, who I would never have had the opportunity to engage with otherwise. Being surrounded by creatives is such a positive experience, and a constant source of inspiration. 

@alyczandra wear her Créme Crayon in shade Bahamas and The Eveything in Santorini

KS: Where do you find inspiration for your makeup looks?
Alyczandra:  I derive a lot of my inspiration from the makeup community online. Seeing people I look up to as artists create a look really drives me. I also use my real-life surroundings, experiences, and tastes to inspire me.

We hope you enjoyed getting to know our 2021 Muses as much as we did!
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See you next month, 
Team KS

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